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Empros Lines
  • Empros Lines have provided international seaborne trade with liner services from the European Continent to East Mediterranean ports continuously since 1950.

  • The Company has always offered its customers a variety of separate liner routes within the region some actually tailored to their specific needs - for the carriage of an assortment of cargoes.

  • The only common denominator has been its commitment to the concept of traditional break-bulk/conventional, parcel and project cargoes of all sorts.

  • A deliberate choice was made, during the transition to the containerization era, to establish a presence in and to develop and maintain a niche facility for those consumers who cannot, or choose not to ship their goods in containers.

  • The company charters about 180 vessels of 8000-53000 dwt, transports about 1.5 million tons of Bulk cargo (ores, grains, fertilizers and phosphates) and about 450,000 cubic meters of project/unitized cargoes annually.
From: Antwerp Rotterdam* Hamburg* Bremen*

To: Egypt - Syria - South Turkey

With scheduled sailings every ten days, the ports of Alexandria in Egypt, Lattakia and Tartous in Syria and the ports of Mersin and Iskenderun* of South Turkey, are regularly linked to the Continent.