Kadmar Circular No. 16/2012
Kadmar Circular No. 16/2012
kadmar Posted on Saturday, April 21, 2012
Loading and Discharging Rates at Alexandria & El Dekhila Ports

Kindly find attached copy of letter received from The General Authority for Alexandria Port regarding the loading and discharging rates.

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The General Authority for Alexandria Port

Date: 15/4/2012

Ref: 565

Mr. / Chairman of The Alexandria Chamber of Shipping

Good day,

Reference is made to The Supreme Council of Ports Resolutions and the approval of Alexandria Port Authority Board of Directors which is verified by The Minister of Transport regarding the main indicators of loading and discharging rates for the main cargoes which were agreed as the following:

1- Stating the loading and discharging rates which the shipping agencies must comply with as per the attached table and to update these rates annually according to the current developments for the purposes of increasing the productivity of the quays and the efficiency of the port.

2- In case of the non existence of waiting vessels for berth in addition to the no need of the port authority for the quay, the vessel may be permitted to exceed the allowed period of berth along side the quay to continue the loading / discharging operation against settling a fees amounting to USD 12 multiplied by vesselís length over all per day (in addition to the agent provides the necessary commitment statement with this regard) and the reconsidering of non collection of this fine in the case of the existence of compelling and force majeure reasons which to be evaluated by Port Authority.

Please be so kind to notify all the shipping agencies with these rates and the additional quay rental fees to conciliate their affairs to act accordingly within two months starting from the date of notification to increase the technical efficiency of their equipments to be capable of achieving the required rates and to perform the optimum operation level of the port.

Thanks for your kind cooperation

Please be informed accordingly.


Admiral / Mohamed El Sayed Hedaya

The Minimum Daily Loading / Discharging Rates in Alexandria & El Dekhila Ports


Please be informed accordingly.

General Authority For Alexandria Port Letter