Kadmar Circular No. 38/2017
Kadmar Circular No. 38/2017
kadmar Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Imposing of VAT on Export Services

Dear All,

Kindly be informed that The Value Added Tax Authority (Ministry of Finance) have notified EIFFA by an official letter the following in accordance to law no. 67/2016 with regard to export cargo by sea or air

- The VAT will be imposed on all export customs clearance at a rate of 10% from the total value of the invoice.

- The VAT will be imposed on all cargo inland transportation, loading and storage services with a rate of 13% starting from 8/9/2016 until 30/6/2016 and with at a rate of 14% starting from 1/7/2017.

- Exporters has the right to refund this VAT in accordance with the terms and conditions of the law.

Please be guided accordingly.

Best Regards,
Kadmar Shipping Co.