Kadmar Circular No. 26/2018
Kadmar Circular No. 26/2018
kadmar Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2018
Kadmar Group Obtained ISO 22000 Food Safety Management

Kadmar Group is glad to inform you that Kadmar Shipping Co. has been assessed by AJA Registrars and registered against the requirements of ISO 22000:2005 (copy of the Registration Certificate is attached hereto).

Please be assured that Kadmar will continue to maintain the requirements for a food safety management system and to demonstrate its ability to control food safety for human consumption. Kadmar Shipping is the parent company of Egyptian Global Logistics (EGL) that has already been accredited for ISO 9001/2015, ISO 14001/2015, ISO 18001/2007.
Kadmar and EGL operate a chain of warehouses all over Egyptian major cities and ports such as Cairo, Alexandria, Damietta.
By obtaining the ISO 22000 certification the group will provide dedicated service on foodstuff including distribution.

Best Regards,
Kadmar Shipping Co.