Kadmar Circular No. 56/2018
Kadmar Circular No. 56/2018
kadmar Posted on Monday, September 10, 2018
RE Alexandria Port Authority Dangerous Cargo Disposal Invoices Issued with Additional 14% VAT.

Dear Sirs,

Good day,

Please find attached copy Alexandria Port Authority letter (received via Alexandria Chamber of Shipping) requesting all shipping agents to settle the amount of 14% VAT which added to the disposal invoices issued by Alexandria Port Authority.

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Alexandria Chamber of Shipping

Alexandria Sept. 4th, 2018

Messrs./ Kadmar Shipping co.

Dear Sirs,

Subject: Letter received from Alexandria Port Authority for alerting all Shipping Lines for settling the Value added Tax

Attached please find the letter received from Alexandria Port Authority concerning alerting your Company that the disposal of fireworks invoice have been issued with VAT in addition which is 14%.
Sent to your company in order to settle value of VAT on all invoices issued in this regard.

Sincerely yours

Secretary General

Walid Badr


General Authority
Alexandria Port
Central administration of financial affairs

Date 26/8/2018

Mr./ Chairman of Alexandria Chamber of Shipping
Front 49 El Horeya Road Alexandria

With reference to our meeting held on Sunday 29 of October 2017 negotiating the process to be followed for any future containers carry any Dangerous cargo which will considered as neglected cargo.
Based on the requests of many shipping agencies already settled the amount of dangerous cargo disposal by an irrevocable cheque in the name of Alexandria port authority with the amounts based on EGP 3500 per ton to issue invoices concerning this matter.

Please be informed that the requested invoices have been issued with an additional VAT amount of 14%.

Kindly inform all shipping agents in order to settle the additional amount of 14% VAT. mentioned in the invoices concerning this matter.

Sincerely Yours,

Admiral/ Medhat Ateya


Best Regards,
Kadmar Shipping Co.

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