Kadmar Circular No. 68/2018
Kadmar Circular No. 68/2018
kadmar Posted on Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Ministry of Transport Decree No. 74/2018
Concerning The Amendment of Categories of Removal of Wastes for Vessels Calling Red-Sea Ports and Suez Canal Transit

Kindly find attached a copy of The Ministry of Transport decree No. 74/2018 concerning the amendment of categories of removal of wastes for vessels calling Red-Sea Ports and Suez Canal Transit in Arabic language, hereunder please find free translation for your easy ref.

Ministry of Transport
General Authority of Red Sea Ports
Decree No. 74 Year 2018
Issued Date 25/10/2018

Eng./Admiral - Chairman of The General Authority of Red Sea Ports:


1st Article: Amendment of the categories mentioned in the first and second items of article six of Red Sea Port Authority decree no. 71 of 2011 to be as follows:
(a) U.S. Dollars (90) per meter cube for vessels located at outer anchorage with minimum Quantity (3) meters.
(b) U.S. Dollars (75) per meter cube for vessels located at inner anchorage with minimum quantity (2) meters.
(c) U.S. Dollars (60) per meter cube for vessels located on berths with minimum quantity (2) meters.

2nd Article: The regulations and conditions specified in Decree No. 71/2011 shall be implemented without modification and specified as follows:
1- Any vessel or floating unit shall not be allowed to dump any waste within the limits of the ports of the Authority otherwise penalties & criminal penalties will be imposed as prescribed by Law No. 4/1994 and the Ministerial decrees organized thereto.
2- Ships shall comply with the disposal of waste by delivering it to the contractors of the maritime works licensed to carry out the activity from the Authority & all vessels had waste on board except for vessels which will be inspected by a committees formed for this purpose, that there is no waste on board with official documents.
3- The contractors of marine works shall use marine tugs to receive the wastes disposed by legal means and deliver it to the concerned Authorities and to submit official documents proving the demolish.
4- The contractors of the maritime works shall comply with the following:
- Not to deal with the ship's master or crew members except through the ship's Agent.
- Not to abuse the license in any way or to harm the reputation of the state or the ports.
- It shall not be permissible to engage in any business that is different from the work permitted to be carried out in accordance with the ministerial decisions organizing this work, either directly or indirectly. In case of violation, the Contractor shall be prohibited from practicing the work and shall cancel the license other than any criminal penalty.
5- The Shipping Agents must be aware that the service of collection of solid or liquid waste to be assigned to the contractors of marine works in accordance with the role specified by the Maritime Works Association.
6- The Minimum charge for the service in the absence of waste, the following categories:
i- U.S. Dollars (100) outer roads.
ii- U.S. Dollars (70) inner roads.
iii- U.S. Dollars (50) A/S berth.
7- Any other services will be done by the marine contractors; charges will be according to an agreement between both of them through agent in light of the ministerial decisions.
8- The contractors of the maritime works are obliged to submit the service invoice signed to the Shipping Agency of the concerned ships with a copy of the invoice to the Authority.
9- The Shipping Agent is obliged to settled the invoice submitted by the Marine contractors of the maritime works or the minimum service fee after deducting 20% of the value of the invoice and supplying it to the General Authority of the Red Sea Ports with an irrevocable cheque. (15% to the favor the Authority & 5% to the favor of Red Sea Chamber of Shipping) The Shipping Agent is obliged to settle the total amount of the invoice within two week of receiving the invoice and in case of not settling the invoice, all legal formalities will be taken against the Shipping Agent for settling the total amount of the invoice.
10- The monitoring of the service shall be carried out through committees established by the Authority for this purpose and through the State Control Authority on the port. They shall have the right to take all legal formalities against any violation issued by the ship or the Shipping Agent or maritime contractors.
11- The Maritime Contractors and the Shipping Agents must comply with the implementation of the laws and decisions and instructions related to the subject matter of the decree.
12- The Maritime contractors may establish an association to organize the work among themselves in accordance with the laws and decisions in this regard.
13- All concerned authorities in the port shall implement this decision, each according to their respective fields.

3rd Article: This decree to be published in the Egyptian gazette and shall come into force as from the next day of the issue date.

Chairman of The Board of Director
Eng. Admiral / Hisham Mahmoud Mohamed Abou Senna


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Red Sea Decree No. 74 for 2018