Kadmar Circular No. 38/2019
Kadmar Circular No. 38/2019
kadmar Posted on Saturday, July 6, 2019
Egypt Increase The Fuel Gas Prices

On Friday, 5 July 2019 The Egyptian Government announced a decree that increases the price of Gasoline, Kerosene and other petrol products by around 25%

That is a step to decrease the governmental subsidy and to minimize the deficit of the country budget.

The increase in prices is effective from 00:01 on 5-July-2019

Most of the trucking and transport, stevedoring companies are expected to declare an increase in trucking, transport, stevedoring and all services affected.

We will monitor the impact & percentage of this increase on the ports and other related activities and report on regular basis.

Subject Before (EGP) After (EGP) %
Diesel 5.50 6.75 23%
95 Octane Gasoline 7.75 9.00 17%
92 Octane Gasoline 6.75 8.00 19%
80 Octane Gasoline 5.50 6.75 23%

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