Kadmar Circular No. 50/2019
Kadmar Circular No. 50/2019
kadmar Posted on Sunday, September 15, 2019
Concerning The Renewal & Amendment of Circular (7/2017)
for LNG Tankers Operating between The "American Gulf" & Ports South of The "American Gulf", The "Arabian Gulf", India and its Eastern Ports

Please find attached copy of SCA periodical concerning the Renewal & Amendment of circular (7/2017) for
LNG tankers operating between the "American Gulf" & ports South of the "American Gulf", the "Arabian Gulf", India and its eastern ports
which is self explanatory.

For your easy ref. pls find attached our circular 39/2017 concerning SCA circular no. 7/2017.

Best Regards,
Kadmar Shipping Co.

SCA Periodical
Kadmar Circular No. 39/2017