Kadmar Circular No. 60/2019
Kadmar Circular No. 60/2019
kadmar Posted on Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Periodical Concerning The Renewal & Amendment of SCA Circular (1/2018)
Regarding "Crude Oil" Tankers (Laden or Ballast), Coming from Ports of The US Gulf, Caribbean Area and Latin America Heading to Asian Ports

Suez Canal Authority decided that circular 1/2018 concerning "Crude Oil" tankers (Laden or Ballast), coming from Ports of the US Gulf, Caribbean area and Latin America heading to Asian ports, shall remain in force for 6 months of the year 2010 after amending (para 1 and to of "Article One" of the circular 1/2018 please find attached copy of Periodical Concerning the renewal & amendment of SCA circular (1/2018) which is self-explanatory.

For you easy ref. Please find attached Kadmar Circular No. 11/2018 regarding SCA circular no. 1/2018

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SCA Periodical
Kadmar Circular No. 11/2018