Kadmar Circular No. 61/2019
Kadmar Circular No. 61/2019
kadmar Posted on Thursday, November 14, 2019
A Supplementary Periodical to Circular No. 3/2016
Regarding VLCCs (of DWT More Than 250,000 Ton)
That Transit Suez Canal After Discharging Part of Their Cargo in "SUMED" Pipeline on Their Round Trip
Coming from The Arabian Gulf, Heading to The American Gulf or The Caribbean Zone

Suez Canal Authority decided that circular 3/2016 VLCCs (of DWT more than 250,000 ton) that transit Suez Canal after discharging part of their cargo in "SUMED" pipeline on their round trip coming from the Arabian Gulf, heading to the American Gulf or the Caribbean zone, shall remain in force till 30 June, 2020. Attached please find copy of Supplementary periodical to circular no. 3/2016 which is self-explanatory.

For you easy ref. Please find attached Kadmar Circular No. 57/2016 regarding SCA circular no. 3/2016

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Supplementary Periodical to Circular No. 3/2016
Kadmar Circular No. 57/2016