Kadmar Circular No. 62/2019
Kadmar Circular No. 62/2019
kadmar Posted on Thursday, November 28, 2019
Regarding Ministry of Transport Decisions Nos. (882 - 883 884)
For Organizing Work Inside Damietta Port

Attached please find copies of the Egyptian Gazette supplement No. 260 (A) Issued 20/11/2019 together with our free translation for your easy reference in regard with following decisions for organizing work inside Damietta port:

- Decision No. 882 for 2019 regarding fixing the charges for electricity connections from shore to vessels berthing alongside
- Decision No. 883 for 2019 for organizing the fishing of finger fish inside Damietta port
- Decision No. 884 for 2019 regarding amending para (A) from the first article of decision No. 501 for loading and discharging operations / changing the agent of vessels on the same berth

Please be guided accy.

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Kadmar Shipping Co.

The Egyptian Gazette - Supplement No. 260 (A) - Arabic

The Egyptian Gazette - Supplement No. 260 (A) - English