The Epidemiological Situation of The New Corona Virus (ncov-2019) in China
The Epidemiological Situation of The New Corona Virus (ncov-2019) in China
kadmar Posted on Sunday, February 2, 2020
The Epidemiological Situation of The New Corona Virus (ncov-2019) in China

Ministry of Health
Quarantine department – Alexandria port
Address: Gate No. 1 – Alexandria customs
Tel/Fax: 4803902 – 4800875

Messrs. Kadmar Shipping Co.
Good day,

Within the framework of following up the epidemiological situation of infectious diseases worldwide and the emergence of the new coronavirus (NCOV-2019) lately in China.
The attached circular is for information about the preventive measures taken against passengers on ships coming from China, directly or indirectly.

Best regards
Alexandria Quarantine Administration
Dr. Moustafa Hegazi Moustafa

Date: 26/01/2020

Ministry of Health & Population
First Undersecretary Preventive Sector
Central Directorate for Preventive Affairs
General Quarantine Administration

Circular No. 2 / 2020
Regarding the epidemiological situation of the new Corona Virus (ncov-2019) in China

Dr. Director of the Directorate of Health Affairs

Good day,

Further to Circular No. 1 of 2020 regarding the new corona virus in China, in the light of following up the situation of the epidemiological infectious diseases and reports issued by the World Health Organization that indicates that the virus has transferred from Wuhan city in China to other regions in China as well as other cases (of those who have been to China) found in other countries.
Kindly note and direct the necessary strict alert to the quarantine sections located at the entry points (air, sea, land) and the International vaccination offices re providing all advise and instructions to travelers and the concerned transport operators at entrances points to minimize the danger of infection with inflammation of the respiratory system, and to secure increase of health procedure for passengers arriving from China in accordance with:

Signs & symptoms:
Main clinical symptoms are an increase in temperature (38⁰C) and breathing difficulties.

Health procedures at entry points:
• Health sorting of the arriving passengers (arriving directly or indirectly from China) and transport operators.
• Preventive team should take all reserves on suspected cases to fight the disease by personal protective equipment PPE, detergents, water, soap.
• In case any of the passengers is a case suspect he will be transferred to fever hospitals and reported to quarantine preventive sector.
• Commitment to disinfecting the means of transportation and in case of any waste disposal found to be suspected with infection, it will be disposed safely under supervision of quarantine.
• Cleansing cards will be issued for health supervision for all arrivals from China including crew of means of transportation and children stating full information (The name is quadrilateral, detailed address, nationality, voyage number, date and place of arrival, telephone number) in a clear way and will be registered instantly and notified to the quarantine preventive dept. for health supervision within 14 days from the date of arrival by health offices in their areas.
Special preventive procedures for international travelers:

It was confirmed that the cause of the pneumonia is the new corona virus except that the possibility and ways of transfer are not clear. Therefore, the international travelers must avoid infection in the respiratory system during travelling to infected areas by:
• Avoiding contacts with people infected in their respiratory system.
• Washing their hands more frequently with water and soap after getting in contact with any sick person or using detergents.
• Avoid contact with animals (alive, dead, wild)
• Infected travelers must maintain cough etiquette (keep distance, cover their mouth while coughing, hand wash)
• Avoiding travelling to China unless necessary during the present time.
Health documents required:
In case any suspect is on board of a plane or a ship arriving from China due to inflammation in the respiratory system, airlines must ensure registration of correct data in the Health declaration form (supplement No. 8 of International health regulations), or general guarantee to the plane (health part – supplement No. 9 of the International health regulations) and to be delivered to the quarantine entry points.
Notification & reporting:
• Report to the director of health quarantine immediately through telephone contact once a case of suspect is confirmed.
• Reporting to the Ministry preventive dept. immediately with any cases or suspects to be transferred to fever hospitals.
• Reporting the Central Directorate for Preventive Affairs daily.

All concerned parties must be informed with the circular to ensure:
• Formal reporting to all airlines and maritime agents operating lines with these countries.
• Official reporting to concerned parties on entry points (customs, immigration, airport, ports,…etc..)
• Delivery of the circular to all worker in the health quarantine.
• Executing and following up of all security procedure under supervision of health
Best regards
Preventive Medical Sector
Dr. Alaa Eed