Kadmar Circular No. 18/2020
Kadmar Circular No. 18/2020
kadmar Posted on Sunday, March 8, 2020
Coronavirus (ncov-2019) impact on crew change operations

Good day,,

Further to our attached circular, please note we have received firm instructions from port police (Immigration dept.) that crew of nationalities in the following countries that had cases of coronavirus must be presented to quarantine for signing on / signing off at all Egyptian ports & Suez Canal Transit in order to grant permission:

(China – Taiwan – Japan – Malaysia – Vietnam – South Korea – Singapore – Iran – Italy – Iraq – Kuwait –Bahrain – Germany – France – Switzerland – Spain – Thailand)

Accordingly, There will be an increase in motor boat usage based on quarantine doctor location.

Keeping you updated.

Best Regards
Kadmar Shipping

Kadmar Circular No. 11/2020