Kadmar Circular No. 23/2020
Kadmar Circular No. 23/2020
kadmar Posted on Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Alexandria Port Authority Requirements

Following letter received from Alexandria chamber of shipping
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From: Alexandria port general authority
To: Alexandria chamber of shipping

Good day,,
Further to prime minister decision No. 719 for the year 2020 Related to the protection against coronavirus. COV 19
Kindly informed that have coordinated with Alexandria port quarantine department to alert all shipping Agency to present the following documents PDF format as from 22/03/2020:
- Crew list
- Passenger list
- Last 10 port of call list
- Narcotic list
- Maritime declaration of health
- Vaccination list

So as quarantine authorities could follow arrival of crew and passengers details taking into consideration that incomplete application will not be accepted.
Please note and inform all shipping Agency accordingly
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Best Regards
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