Kadmar Circular No. 26-E/2020
Kadmar Circular No. 26-E/2020
kadmar Posted on Monday, June 22, 2020
COVID-19 Update (Egypt resumes air traffic on the first of July, 2020)

Civil Aviation Minister Mohamed Manar announced that Egypt will resume gradually air traffic at all airports starting from July 1st 2020 with countries which have re-opened their airspace.

The controls for operating activities include the obligation of passengers to sign a declaration at the departure airport, and it is only necessary for travelers arriving from countries in which the health organization declares that the COVID-19 virus is circulating and reaches epidemic threshold, need to be tested before coming to Egypt and to present the PCR test result on arrival.

Passengers who may exhibit symptoms of Covid-19 during the flight will be “quarantined” in the back seats.

The government has also decided "to waive tourist visas from July 1 until October 31.

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