Kadmar Circular No. 57/2020
Kadmar Circular No. 57/2020
kadmar Posted on Tuesday, July 7, 2020
Regarding Alexandria port precautionary Measures against Covid-19

Please find attached copy of letter received from Alexandria Chamber of shipping in regard to presenting the Maritime declaration of health (Annex C) to Alexandria port authority at least 12 Hours prior to vesselís Arrival.

Below free translation for your easy reference:


From: Alexandria Port Authority
To : Alexandria Chamber of Shipping

Good day,,

In regard to the Country precautionary measures against Covid-19, Alexandria Port Authority request all the Shipping agencies to submit the Maritime Declaration of Health together with the ships documents at least 12 hours prior to vsls arrival as preventive measures before the vessel enters the port as per the attached Maritime Declaration of Health Annex C.

Please be guided accordingly.


Alexandria Chamber of shipping letter

Maritime Declaration of Health Annex C