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Suez Canal

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Passing the Suez Canal has an important time and cost impact on a vessel's voyage. Exact planning, early notification, constant follow-up and real cost control are needed to save your time and money.

Our experienced staff in Port Said and Suez monitors the traffic situation daily 24H/24H, which enables KADMAR to keep you updated about general events and to track your vessels at anchorage and in transit.

As your partner, the KADMAR team is committed to ensure the smooth transit of your vessels.

Our services include:

  • Registration at the Canal Authorities for the First time transit.

  • Settlement of estimated/actual cost differentials within 72 hours of transit.

  • Advice on all documentation required by the Suez Canal Authority.

  • Preparation of priority bookings (according to notification.)

  • Guarantee of entry (according to notification.)

  • Transit without delay.

  • Complete record on transit.


Upon request:

  • Crew exchange.

  • Cash to Master.

  • Medical care.

  • Supply (foodstuff, bunker, fresh water.)

  • Repair and Maintenance during transit.




General information for vessels to transit the Suez Canal :

Documents required by the Suez Canal Authorities: One copy of each of the following documents must normally be presented not later than 90 minutes after the registered arrival time and in any event the documents should not be presented later than one hour after the arrival time limits.


A) Documents

1. Cargo manifest.

2. Ballast declaration.

3. Crew list.

4. Declaration of contents of ship’s double bottom and other tanks.

5. Navigability declaration.


When a ship is to sail through the Suez Canal for the first time, all the above documents must be accompanied by the following:

1. Ship’s capacity plan.

2. Ship’s registry certificate.

3.Ship’s engine room plan.

4.Suez Canal special tonnage certificate.

5.Ship’s general arrangement plan.

Priority booking are possible, provided the Canal Authority receives a five days' notice of the intended transit date and the vessel arrives within the convoy  time-limit. Tugs can be arranged with four days notice of ETA.


B) Notification

The first ETA cable (to be sent 5 days prior to the vessel's arrival to the Suez/ Port Said) must include the following:

1. Suez Canal gross and net registered tonnage.

2. Date of the latest Suez Canal tonnage certificate

3. International gross and net registered tonnage.

4. Date of registry certificate.

5. Nationality.

6. Owners name.

7. Type as described in the registry certificate.

8. Previous name if any.

9. Date of the last transit through the Suez Canal and  the name at that time.

10. Information on any modifications since the last passage through the Canal; if    none, under "particulars" no change should be indicated.

11. Cargo details (if necessary indicate class for dangerous cargo.)

 C) Arrival Limits

Latest Arrival Times: A ship of the first southbound convoy leaves between 1:00 and 05:00 hours local time. The arrival time limit for this convoy is 19:00 hours the previous evening, i.e. 6 hours before the first departure time. Ships of the second southbound convoy leave Port Said between 07:00 and 08:00 hours local time. The arrival limit for this convoy is 03:00 hours, i.e. 4 hours before the first departure time for this convoy.

The second southbound convoy, making fast at "Ballah Loop" Eastern branch, ship's length, beam and draft permitting.

From Suez the northbound convoy leaves between 06:00 and 11:30 hours local time, with an arrival time limit of 03:00 hours, i.e. 3 hours before the first departure time.

In case of insufficient time for admitting all the schedule vessels into the convoy, a group of "Ordinary" ships may be allowed ahead of the convoy, with departure from Suez taking place from 03:00 to 04:00 hours local time.

Transit speed is normally 14km per hour.


D) Distances:

Distance from To Port-Said in miles Distance from To Suez in miles
Piraeus 593 Aden 1316
Odessa 1128 Dubai  2836
Genoa 1419 Mombasa 7907
Marseilles 1412 Cape of Good Hope 5214
Gibraltar 1913 Karachi 2772
Rotterdam 3274 Mumbai 2959
Liverpool 3174 Singapore 4927
Gothenburg 3718 Fremantle 6214
Gdynia 4087 Sydney 8209
Dakar 3411 Hong Kong 6387
New York 5114 Shanghai 7119
New Orleans 6483 Yokohama 7819
Rio de Janeiro 6103 Inchon 7479