The Leading Ship, Yacht and Offshore Agency in Egypt Since 1983

The Leading Ship, Yacht and Offshore Agency in Egypt Since 1983

Calculator Guidelines

Calculator guidelines

Tariff: There are 8 different tariffs, please choose the correct for your vessel.

SCNT: This is the Suez Canal Net Tonnage. The Suez Canal Net Tonnage Certificate can be obtained from any class society. The SCNT is measured every time the vessel transits the Canal. Vessels usually get this when built.

  • Handysize: 10 000 – 20 000 (15000- 50 000dwt)
  • Handymax: 20 000 – 35 000 ( 35000- 50 000dwt)
  • Cape Size: 50 000 – 90 000 (80000- 175 000dwt)
  • Aframax: 40 000 – 60 000 (80000-105 000dwt)
  • Panamax: 35 000 -45 000 (70 000– 90 000dwt)
  • Suez Max: 60 000- 85 000 (120000- 165 000dwt)
  • VLCC: 90 000- 160 000 (200 000-300 000dwt)
  • ULCC: 150 000- 250 000 (300000+dwt)


The SCNT is close to the vessels International Gross Tonnage SCNT is roughly half the vessels deadweight

For the LNG vessels the SCNT depends on the construction, and the SCNT is reflected on the volume of the hull, not the cargo carrying capacity. The two main constructions are the non-integrated type (Moss construction) and the integrated type (membrane).

A 35% rebate is granted for all LNG vessels (laden & ballast condition) hence, subtract this from the calculation result Please note that the following figures are approximate.

  • LNG Moss type: ca 105.000 SCNT(145.000m3; 75.000dwt)
  • LNG Integrated type: ca 85.000 SCNT (145.000m3; 75.000dwt)


GRT: The gross tonnage of the vessel.

Draft: The vessels maximum draft.

Beam: The vessels maximum beam.

Gas free certificate: This applies for tankers only.

First time canal transit: Sea trial applies in case of change of vessel name or flag or vessel first transit or last transit was more than 4 years.

Please note that you have to add (Tug Hire) 6600 SDR for LPG\LNG vessels from 25.000-80.000 SCNRT if a gas free certificate is not provided.

For vessels with deck cargo, please contact Kadmar Suez transit department.

Please note that this is an estimation only.

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