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Dangerous Cargo Restrictions & Regulation at Alexandria port

Dangerous Cargo Restrictions & Regulation at Alexandria port


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On 7 April 2022

Dear Capt. Thomas,

Dear All,

Pls find below quoted message of attached letter received from Alexandria chamber of shipping regarding Alexandria port authority restrictions for dangerous cargo.

Below is our free translation for your easy ref.


Alexandria on January 19, 2022

To / members of the Alexandria Chamber of shipping

Within the framework of continuous cooperation and coordination between the Alexandria Chamber of Shipping and the Alexandria Port Authority.

Kindly be informed that Captain/ Tarek Shaheen, head of the Alexandria Port Authority, informed us of what was received by his Excellency from the General Administration of Alexandria Maritime Port Police and the Public Security Sector (General Department of Licensing – Fireworks Department) regarding yard (55) located in the Dekheila port belongs to the Egyptian General Warehouses Company Those designated for handling explosives containers and their rulings until they are disbursed outside the port, and the necessary recommendations issued by the Civil Protection Department for handling explosives containers and their rulings.

It is necessary to warn the shipping agencies to proceed as follows:

  1. When submitting a request for approval to unload dangerous goods, explosives and same, to the Alexandria Port General Authority (the Central Traffic Department), the following documents must be presented:
  2. Copies of the list of dangerous goods carried by the ship, especially explosive materials or same, must be provided that the unloading request should be noted that the dangerous cargo will be discharge directly “under direct delivery order” and will not be stored inside the port.
  3. Evidence that the competent store is ready to receive the incoming shipment.
  4. The rote of the explosives containers after getting out from the port, which is approved by the General Department of Civil Protection.
  5. Evidence of obtaining the necessary licenses for trucks which will transport the containers.
  6. Evidence that a means of transport was provided and ready to load the shipment inside the port before allowing the shipment to be unloaded from the ship.
  7. The necessary approve for the unloading of the popping materials must be submitted at least 48 hours prior ships arrival and ships will not be allowed to enter until getting the necessary approval from the Civil Protection Department.
  8. It is prohibited to store explosive materials inside the the port, which are specified in the Minister of Interior decision No. (2225) of 2007 and its amendments.
  9. It is prohibited to unload explosive materials from the ship before submitting all security approvals and permits.

Best regards

Walid Badr

*** unquote***

Following below more restrictions issued by Alexandria Port Authority.

Subject: Handling of parcels containing dangerous materials in the port of Alexandria.

We inform you of the following:

  1. For parcels of large sizes and weights that are difficult to be stored inside the danger warehouses.

Based on the instructions of the Port Authority that these shipments must be discharged under direct delivery order and if the receivers not agreed to pickup the shipment under direct delivery order and port authority not allowed for same to be stored inside the port, same must be reloaded on same ship.

  1. For regular parcels ( it must be provided / handled through a small forklift) FORKLIFT with a maximum weight of 5 tons and the height not exceeding 4 meters and the width of 3 meters.

In order to get the necessary approval to be stored / enter the warehouse.


In the meantime, there is a problem with all importers due to documentary credits and Form 4 for presentation to additional bodies in the release procedures.

Therefore, kindly obtain the necessary commitments from the suppliers to instruct the receivers to pickup the dangerous cargo under direct delivery order.

Pls be guided accordingly and inform all concerned parties avoiding any delay/complications might appear in this regard.