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The Leading Ship, Yacht and Offshore Agency in Egypt Since 1983

Kadmar Circular No. 16/2021

Kadmar Circular No. 16/2021



Tender for Alexandria Port Cruise Terminal

The Alexandria Port Authority has introduced the naval passenger terminal, to serve cruise ships in front of the operators.

The Authority addressed the shipping companies, that the winning company is scheduled to use the station for 15 years, including all the station extensions.

The Port Authority has set a question session for the companies submitting the project on March 7th , with the technical and financial terminals of the project to be resolved on March 28th, the deadline for applying to compete for the project.

5 million pounds bid insurance. And 10% of the total value is paid by the winner over three years.

The bid income insurance amounts to EGP 5 million, and the final insurance rate is 10% of the total value of the auction to be paid over the first three years.

The marine passenger terminal is located on an area of up to 8725 square meters and divided into halls and 107 shops, and the Authority was launched in 2014, and competed by the Egyptian companies for tourism projects «Astia» belonging to businessman Hussein Sabour, and the Peace Palace for real estate investment and tourism in Alexandria.

The station is located within the port of Alexandria and includes shops, restaurants and cafeterias, investment areas of about 6,370 square meters, and open spaces of 2400 square meters.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Transport decided to liquidate Alexandria Logistics and Consulting Company, which was established to operate the terminal, after its economic uselessness proved.

It is noteworthy that the purpose of the establishment of the company was to carry out maintenance services for roads, buildings, ships and floaters of all kinds, agriculture, hygiene, navigation agency, shipping, unloading, storage, warehouses, marine works, marine supplies, ship supply, and internal transportation in ports.


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