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Kadmar Circular No. 23-C/2021

Kadmar Circular No. 23-C/2021



Grounded Container Carrier “EVER GIVEN” at Suez Canal


Admiral Osama Rabie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, confirmed that the rescue units and tug boats of the Authority continue their efforts to rescue and float the giant Panamanian container ship EVER GIVEN, which drifted by kilometer 151 numbering the canal, while crossing the Suez Canal as part of the convoy south on its trip from China and bound for Rotterdam, came during the follow-up of rescue work and the ship’s floating operation from the site of the accident.


The Head of the Authority sent a message of reassurance about the movement of navigation in the canal and its regularity again through the course of the original canal, stressing that the Suez Canal spares no effort to ensure the regularity of navigation and service of world trade.


The accident occurred on Tuesday morning, mainly due to the lack of visibility caused by bad weather due to the passage of the country by a dust storm, with a wind speed of 40 knots, resulting in the loss of the ability to steer the ship and then drift.


Immediately after the accident, the Crisis Management Committee was formed under the leadership of the chairman of the Authority, and the current rescue operations are carried out through the management of the movements of the Authority and by 8 tug boats, the most prominent of which is the tug boat with force of 160 tons where the operation is carried from both sides of the ship and the relief of the water load


It is worth noting that the Panamanian container ship EVER GIVEN follows the EVER GREEN shipping line. The vessel is 400 meters in length and 59 meters in width, with a total tonnage of 224,000 tons.


The authority calls on all media outlets to be accurate in what is published, not to pay attention to news of unknown sources and to rely on official information and news issued by the authority, stressing our commitment to keeping you updated on the developments of the situation.


Following up and will keep you further updated.


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Kadmar Circular No. 23-B/2021

Kadmar Circular No. 23-A/2021

Kadmar Circular No. 23/2021

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