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Kadmar Circular No. 23-G/2021

Kadmar Circular No. 23-G/2021


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Container Carrier “EVER GIVEN” Grounded at Suez Canal – Updates

Announcement from SCA



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Lieutenant-General Osama Rabie, head of the Suez Canal Authority, announced today, Monday, that the EVER GIVEN Panamanian container ship has successfully floated after the ship responded to the tension and towing maneuvers, as the ship’s course was significantly modified by 80% and the stern of the ship was away from the shore by a distance of 102 meters instead of 4 meters.

The maneuvers are scheduled to resume again as the water level rises to its maximum height in the period from 11:30 a.m. to reach 2 meters, allowing the ship’s course to be completely modified to the midway.


Lieutenant General Rabie sent a message of reassurance to the international maritime community to resume navigation in the canal once the vessel is fully floated soon and directed to wait in the Lakes region for its technical examination.


The president of the authority praised the heroic men of the Suez Canal Authority who performed this great work, appreciating their efforts during the past period and for carrying out their national duty to the fullest, with his full confidence in the completion of the work by 100%.



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