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Kadmar Circular No. 25/2021

Kadmar Circular No. 25/2021


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Loading and Discharging Daily Rates at Adabiya Port

kindly note that we have received via SUEZ CANAL ECONOMIC ZONE the attached letter


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Date: 01/04/2021


To: Shipping Agencies

To: Stevedoring Companies


Reference to decree 800 of year 2016 chapter three – Article (12) para…. “These rates shall continue to be applied for a transitional period for a period of three years from the date of issuance of this regulation to reconcile the situation up to the global average of loading and discharging rates, as more than three years have passed since decree 800 of year 2016 and following our letter dated 16/03/2020 regarding the amendments that will be made to the rates of loading and discharging of the goods handled at Al-Adabiya port.

Please be informed that, the rates of load/discharge will begin to modify as from 01/07/2021 in order to improve the performance of the port and achieve the greatest benefit from the exploitation and rotation of the berths in a manner that would raise the efficiency of the performance of loading and discharging from the efficiency of the equipment and the development of methods of loading and discharging to reduce the time Waiting for Vessels at anchorage, which leads to the exit of hard currency from the country in the form of delay fines (demurrage).


Daily rates of loading and discharging cargo at Adabiya port, from 01/07/2021


Type of cargoVessels up to 2 holdsVessels larger than 2 holds
Sulfur in bulk4000400080008000
Phosphate – Cement clinker- Iron oxide lignans -Dolomite tooth – Silica sand in bulk6000600090009000
Mullet in bulk10000100001800018000
Feed in bulk6000600080008000
Charcoal / coal in bulk3000300050005000
Salt of all kinds (Potassium chloride – Calcium chloride) in bulk3500350070007000
‎Iron in bulk10000100002000020000
Scrap iron in bulk6000600090009000
Cargo are packed inside (Bags -Slingshots – Jumbo bags)2000200035003500
Iron (bars –sheets)2000200040004000
Pipes (iron- steel)60060010001000
Oils (Tankers)2500 tons for the receiver
Chemicals (Tankers)4000 tons for the receiver
Containers400 Container



Subject to the following restrictions:-


  1. The above rates apply to vessels on berths with large draft from 4 to 9.
  2. Work continues at the rates indicated in our letter on 16/03/2020 on the berths no 2/3 only.


Yours sincerely

Captain / Ahmed Jamal

General Director of Adabiya Port




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