The Leading Ship and Offshore Agency in Egypt Since 1983

The Leading Ship and Offshore Agency in Egypt Since 1983

Kadmar Circular No. 29/2020

SCA Periodical Concerning increase in Vessel’s tonnage from 5000 to 10000 S.C.G.T
Accident Bulk carrier “ JIN ZHOU HAI “ with Dredger “MASHHOUR” (followed by SC authority) at Suez Canal Grounded Bulk carrier “GREAT LINK” at Suez Canal

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Kadmar Circular No. 29/2020


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Suez Canal special rebate for to container ships

Please find hereunder, the Suez Canal Authority planning department email sent to all shipping agents concerning Suez Canal new incentive to container ships.


Dear Sirs,

Considering the new changes in the global shipping market, and world economy; and in line with The Suez Canal Authority (SCA)  flexible marketing policies which consider the mutual benefits of SCA and its customers, the SCA has issued a new circular  stated that:

  • Container Ships – All Classes – in its Backhaul voyage, coming from ports of North West Europe (Including Tangier Port and Algeciras Port)  heading Directly to South East Asian ports (Port of Port Kelang and its Eastern Ports), shall be granted a 6% reduction of the Suez Canal Normal tolls.
  • This Circular takes effect for vessels sailing from port of origin as of 01/04/2020, till 30/6/2020.

Many thanks for your kind interest and hope for continuous and productive cooperation.

Best Regards,


Please be guided accly.

Best Regards,

Kadmar Shipping