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Kadmar Circular No. 62/2020

Kadmar Circular No. 62/2020


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Ballast water drainage In Alexandria & Dekhila Ports

Attached letter received from Alexandria port authority regarding The International Agreement for managing ballast water.


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Alexandria Port Authority


To : Alexandria Navigation Chamber ,,


Good day,,,,


General Instructions regarding The International Agreement for managing ballast water


  • According to general requirements of the terms of agreement, pls. note that the following should be considered when dealing with ships that require ballast water discharge inside the ports:


  1. No ballast water to be discharged inside the port.
  2. Every vessel should keep records for managing ballast water that can be presented on demand
  3. Ballast water to be discharged from the balance tanks at a distance of at least 50 nautical miles and a depth of 200 meters from the shore
  4. If necessary, balance tanks are discharged according to the following rules:
  1. Review of the ballast water management records of the ship by the private maritime authorities “ port State Control “
  2. A sample of balance tanks  “ Ballast “ is collected and analyzed to ensure that ballast balance tanks are filled from the same marine environment and to ensure that they do not contain invasive organisms.
  3. After making sure that the ballast water tanks do not contain invasive marine organisms, radioactive materials or oils, water is discharged by marine barges or trucks from land and disposed of.
  4. If a ballast water treatment unit is established and the ballast water unit is discharged efficiently, ballast water management records are checked on the ship and the vessel is allowed to discharges ballast water from 50 nautical miles from shore.



In case of a malfunction and the need to discharge the ballast water and this damage does not prevent the movement of the vessel, it can be allowed to sail a distance of 50 nautical miles to discharge and return to carry out the necessary repairs


Please be guided accordingly.

Thanks & Best Regard,

Kadmar Shipping

Alexandria port authority