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Kadmar Circular No. 84/2020

Kadmar Circular No. 84/2020


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SCA Clarification Regarding Imposed tug on vessels due Covid-19 crew onboard

Reference to our previous Kadmar Circular No. 80/2020 (available on news section & LinkedIn page)

Please find below quoted letter received from SCA regarding imposed tug on any vessel transiting the Suez Canal in case of Covid-19 Infection onboard.


Dear Kadmar Shipping,

In reply to your fax dated 21/11/2020 regarding your enquiry about the reasons of imposing a tug on vessels which have Covid-19 infected crew member onboard; We kindly point out the following:

Since the beginning of Covid-19 Pandemic, Suez Canal Authority has adopted safety protocols to restrict the spread of the virus, and keep crew and workers safe.

In this regard, If it’s found out that any vessel has one of its crew members onboard infected with corona virus , SCA will impose a tug to carry mooring services and mooring boatmen onboard.

In addition to achieve the highest  safety, the SC pilot will wear his full PPE equipment during his stay on the vessel.

Yours Sincerely

Director of Transit Dept.

Eng. Essam Mostafa Dabash




Accordingly Kadmar highly recommends ship owners/operators to avoid transiting Suez canal with any infected crew on board.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact our transit team :

Kadmar Shipping LinkedIn page :


Best Regards

Kadmar Shipping