The Leading Ship, Yacht and Offshore Agency in Egypt Since 1983

The Leading Ship, Yacht and Offshore Agency in Egypt Since 1983

Depot Services


Depot Services

Kadmar started operating depots since 2009. Our depots are based in strategic locations close to the port and hinterland of industrial areas. The total area of our depots all over Egypt is +200,000 m2 covering the major cities Alexandria, Cairo, Port Said, Damietta and Sokhna with a total capacity of 22,000 TEUs.

Container status reports are done by certified experts, taking conformity ratings desired by ship owners and leasing companies into consideration. Container inspections on arrival and before delivery allow customers to select containers according to product type. Our professional team organize guaranteed inland container transportation all over Egypt using our own fleet of trucks.

Services Provided in Depots

Maintenance & Repairs

At our extensive cleaning facilities, we are able to clean up containers in compliance with the standards within the industry. IICL recognizes the importance of the environment in which we work and live and consequently we conduct our business in a manner preventing environmental pollution.


At our extensive cleaning facilities, we are able to clean up containers in compliance with the standards within the industry. IICL recognizes the importance of the environment in which we work and live and consequently we conduct our business in a manner preventing environmental pollution.

Safety & Security

KADMAR Depot has the best qualified team that has been trained with best experience to perform their tasks professionally with the highest safety. KADMAR Egypt Depot is totally secured contracting with a security company 24/7. Well trained guards all over the depot plus high security systems.

Pre-Trip Inspections (PTI)

Our Pre-Trip Inspection area accommodates over 48 reefer plug-ins each for additional support when required. Man lifter allows direct access for specialists allowing Maintenance & Repair (M&R) of reefer units till fifth tier. It is our policy to let our clients select their own preferred partner for M&R of reefer units in order to be able to adhere to possible global commitments and policies.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic exchange of routine business transactions. These transactions include gate moves, stock report and daily capacity. The advantage of EDI is that saves a lot of trees. Traditionally, the manufacture and sale of new products and services has been accompanied by a long paper trail consisting of order forms, invoices, bills of lading, and a variety of documents containing specific but crucial data.

Other Services

  • Competitive prices for inland transportation.
  • Empty container storage & handling.
  • EDI connection.
  • Container maintenance & repair.
  • VGM weighing services.
  • Container washing.
  • Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI).
  • Reefer Monitoring.
  • General Body Repair.
  • Reefer Unit Repair.
  • Flame Testing R134a for chlorine contamination.
  • Cold Treatment and Controlled Atmosphere preparations.
  • Update all units type with recent software. 
  • Lock keypad for sensitive cargo (pharma cargo).
  • Storing & Handling.
  • Spare Parts Delivery.
  • Gen-set Repair.
  • Steam & Chemical Washing.
  • Gen-set Leasing.

Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI)

Inspection of all technical functions and possible visible damage to the reefer unit or generator set. Following this procedure, a single quotation is submitted enabling any repairs to be carried out directly. This is done by our own factory-trained personnel.

Reefer Monitoring

We monitor all reefer containers every eight hour (3 times a day) to improve the quality of service and ensure quick noticing of any malfunction. 

Quick and efficient reporting of any problems, with coverage of 24hr repair service. Ensuring that reefer units are plugged and temperatures are checked from the actual temperature set point against the indicated set point. 

If any damages or suspects that reefer is not working properly, we report to the agent and our reefer technicians are called in to repair the malfunctioned reefer. 

We check the working condition of the reefer, for any unusual noise, 

temperature out of range or any physical damage; every single one of the above could give signs of a fault.

Reefer Unit Repair

Our skilled technicians have received various trainings to be accustomed to the latest versions of reefers weather it was Daikin, Carrier, ThermoKing or StarCool.

In case of replacing a malfunctioning unit part, we only use original spare parts. 

Moreover, since we are Carrier certified agent, we offer competitive prices for carrier reefers. 

Our operations are carried out 24/7 and our team of technicians are always at your service. 

For emergency cases our Tech. move to customer site to perform maintenance and to ensure good working of the unit.

Cold Treatment

The process of Cold Treatment is to exterminate insects and larvae by maintaining a sufficiently low temperature for a pre-determined period of time. The period of time and temperature required are defined in protocols established by phytosanitary authorities of the importing countries. 

Our Cold treatment team of technicians will arrive at the client’s, install the sensors and finally issue a Cold Treatment certificate required by the importing countries.

Flame Testing R134a for Chlorine Contamination

Test is made by taking a small sample of unit refrigerant. 

This Test will detect if there are chlorine contaminates in the refrigerant. R-134a is fluorinated and does not change the color of the flame. 

Upon passing the test, we issue a certificate.

Storing & Handling

KADMAR owns and operates an inland containers depots all over Egypt, , most our locations are very close to containers gate, and holds all the proper licenses and approvals required by all Egyptian authorities, according to Egyptian laws to safely own, manage and operate warehouses & containers depot.  Our very first depot in Damietta has been built on a total land of about 3000 m2, with a capacity of around 450 empty FEUs for reefer container and we have 8000 m2 for dry container with a capacity of around 1300 empty TEU.

All KADMAR depots are equipped with reach stackers, forklift, containers maintenance, cleaning & repair center.

In addition, KADMAR owns authorized customs-bonded warehouses.

Genset Leasing

Gensets allow the security of keeping the cold chain complete throughout the stages of perishable product delivery, providing 460v of continuous power for uninterrupted protection. 

Our genset fleet is exceptionally young and maintained to the highest levels. 

They are also built to last with the direct injection engine designed to handle the most rugged of operating environments Fuel Efficiency: Our gensets are fitted with a dual mode option of “eco” or “power” which controls the running speed after start-up. Eco mode provides approximately 25% efficiency in fuel consumption dependent on ambient temperatures and reefer set point. 

Flexibility: Gensets enable you to run reefers without an electrical connection, Therefore, ensuring that you are not tied down to a specific location.

Our Presence

  • Alexandria King Mariout.
  • Alexandria Al Nahda.
  • Ain Al Sokhna.
  • Cairo Abu Rawash.
  • Damietta.
  • Port Said.


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