Online Calculator


1. Please note that this is an estimation only and final figures as per SCA actual invoices.

2. All calculations serve as an estimate and the final result upon what toll the vessel is subject to pay is decided by the Suez Canal Authorities only, not KADMAR SHIPPING.

3. Currencies (SDR to USD) are updated on a daily basis by data provided from the International Monetary Fund. 

4. The calculator is based on minimum 3 ton crane capacity for all estimates. Please contact Kadmar Suez Transit team directly if your vessel is not sufficiently equipped, to clarify if any extra mooring boat is needed.

5. All costs in the calculator are Suez Canal toll dues only. Agency fees from KADMAR are handled separately and is quoted from the Accounting Transit department.

6. In any of the following cases please contact Kadmar Suez Canal Transit because surcharges on Canal Tolls may apply:

  • Containers on deck
  • Floating Units on board
  • Heavy Pieces Over 250 MT on board
  • Military Cargo or Vessel under Military charter
  • Integrated units
  • Towage