Tariff 2023 (Current)

Tariff 2023 (Current)

Suez Canal Transit Dues as of 1/1/2023

The Suez Canal Authority announced that the transit dues for the year 2023 will be as shown in the table below as per circular no. 14/2022.

This circular takes effect as of Jan 1st 2023. Please see below table of transit dues.

RATES OF TRANSIT DUES TO BE APPLIED FROM 01.01.2023 All figures is based on SDR (see below).

* General Cargo Vessels, Muti-Purpose Vessels, Heavy Lift Vessels, General Cargo/Heavy Lift Vessels, Multi-Purpose/Heavy Lift Vessels

  • Ballast “Petroleum Product Tankers” shall be charged with transit dues rates of ballast “Crude Oil Tankers”.
  • Ballast “Oil/Chemical Tankers” shall be charged with transit dues rates of ballast “Crude Oil Tankers”.
  • Laden “Combined Carriers (OBO)” shall be charged with transit dues rates according to the type of the carried cargo. In case more than one type of cargo is carried the carrier shall be charged with the highest transit dues rate among the carried cargo.
  • Ballast “Combined Carriers (OBO)” shall be charged with transit dues rates of ballast “Dry Bulk Vessels”.
  • Vessels refusing or abstaining from upon-transit inspection, the following shall be applied:
  1. a. Suez Canal transit dues will be calculated and collected on the basis of Suez Canal Gross Tonnage.
  2. b. “Additional charges” specified and levied at the time of transit shall be collected including (any additional dues related to the type of vessel, the highest additional dues related to cargoes the vessel is equipped to carry, and any other additional charges).
  • “Special Floating Units” includes the following: Yachts – Dredgers – Rigs – Floating docks – Fishing vessels – Navy ships (owned by military parties belonging to different countries) – Tugboats – Research Vessels – any other floating unit specialized in activities other than transporting cargo or passengers between ports.
  • The aforementioned transit dues rates shall be applied according to the vessel’s actual condition upon transit, in accordance with the latest applicable Suez Canal Authority’s rules and regulations.
  • Suez Canal Authority accepts the payment of transit dues in one of the following currencies:

1- US dollar (USD). 2- Sterling Pound. 3- Euro. 4- Japanese Yen (JPY). 5- Canadian Dollar (CAD).

6- Swedish Krona. 7- Danish Krone. 8- Norwegian krone. 9- Swiss Franc. 10. Chinese Yuan.