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The Leading Ship, Yacht and Offshore Agency in Egypt Since 1983

Kadmar Circular No. 79/2020

Kadmar Circular No. 79/2020


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Egypt Cuts Suez Canal Fees for Cruise, Yachts & Passenger Ships

In an amendment to SCA publication on the rebates granted to passenger ships passing through the Suez Canal, which have been Applicable since 2002, the Suez Canal Authority decided to apply further reductions up to 50% of the transit fees on ships loaded with passengers only.


Suez Canal Authority Chairman mentioned that a reduction granted to passenger ships, cruise ships and yachts with total tonnage of 300 tons or more, which visits Egyptian ports on the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea, will be applied to ships transiting the Canal carrying passengers only and does not apply in case they transit the Canal in ballast condition (not loaded with passengers).


Passenger ships, cruise ships and yachts with a total tonnage of 300 tons or more for the Suez Canal gross tonnage are granted a 50% reduction in transit fees in both the round-trip and return trips in the event that these ship visit Egyptian ports on the Mediterranean and Red sea, provided that their stopping time in the ports is not less than 72 hours.


As well, in the event that the stoppage time in the ports is less than 72 hours and with a minimum of 36 hours, the reduction rate is calculated by the following method:

-50% * The number of hours in the Egyptian ports, provided that the stopover time in any of the Red Sea ports is not less than half of the stopover in the Egyptian ports.


To grant the reduction on the return voyage, it is stipulated that the vessel passes on the return voyage within a period not exceeding a month from the date on which it crossed the canal on the outgoing voyage.


The publication added that the transit fees are collected in full when the ship transit the canal from either of its northern or southern entrances, provided that the reduction amounts are refunded upon completion of the submission of the required documents, a certificate approved by each Egyptian port the ship visited, indicating the date and hour of arrival at the port, date and hour of departure, and that the ship has Its activity was limited to tourism only, without carrying out any loading or unloading of goods at that port.


The aim behind reducing the fees for cruise ships crossing the canal is to provide all facilities and to encourage ships to stop at the Egyptian ports overlooking the Red and the Mediterranean coast.


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