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Kadmar Circular No. 73/2020

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Kadmar Circular No. 73/2020


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Regarding the ease of crew change at Egyptian ports in spite of COVID-19

We have been informed that Ministry of Maritime Transport of The Arab Republic of Egypt has announced organizing meet and assist of the seamen to facilitate crew change (on & off signing) procedures including the medical care facing Covid-19.


The Arab Republic of Egypt highly considered all the measures taken facing Covid-19 pandemic and is ready to ensure safe crew change operation.


All the main ports such as Alexandria port, Damietta Port and all the ports of the axis of the Suez Canal are ready for crew change applying the new procedures taken by the concerned Egyptian Health Authorities to alleviate the repercussions of Covid-19 pandemic.


Within all efforts to alleviate the repercussions of Covid-19 pandemic and in compliance with all instructions, protocols and guidelines to endure safe crew change, all the international Egyptian Airports follow the procedure to facilitate crew change and accommodation in Egyptian ports.


Accordingly, there are no obstacles facing the crew change all over the Egyptian Ports.


A letter was sent to IMO on 1st of September with all requirements for crew change, and the same was circulated to members on 2nd of September with Subject Communication from the Government of Arab Republic of Egypt


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