Abydos Marina – Gouna

Abydos Marina – Gouna

El Gouna’s second marina has a capacity of 34 vessels and harbors many of El Gouna’s diving boats. It offers dry dock and repair services, with a two ship lifts for vessels up to 30 meters (max load 250 ton), and it has a diesel fuel station, electricity lines, channel-6 VHF, and a maintenance center.

Porto Marina – Alamein North Coast

porto marina

Marina, also Marina El Alamein, ancient Leukaspis or Antiphrae, is an upscale resort town catering mainly to the Egyptian elite. It is located on the northern coast of Egypt, with an 11 km long beach, about 300 km away from Cairo, in the El Alamein area.

Hurghada Marina Boulevard

Hurghada Marina Boulevard

Lying on the west coast of the red sea with a surface of over 150 000 sq. Meters, The Hurghada Marina project is considered to be one of the biggest and most splendid projects in Hurghada, Egypt. It was designed by the Sorgreah Consultants in France while the project’s overall consultancy services were carried out […]

Marassi Emaar Marina – Alamein North Coast

Marassi marina

Marassi, located 140km west of Alexandria on its Mediterranean coast. The marina is expected to be fully operational by the end of July. The project involves equipping a new man-made inner harbour currently being completed with a range of berthing options. These combine finger pontoons mounted on piers with walkways running alongside the harbour walls […]

Port Ghalib Marina – Marsa Alam

Port Ghalib Marina

From international yachts moving to and from Asia and the Mediterranean, to local or regionally based yachts exploring the world-famous diving sites and aquatic habitats Port Ghalib International Marina is unquestionably the region’s largest and one of its most prominent private seaports attracting global travelers and a major stop for thousands of diving trips. Navigation […]

Abu Tig Marina – Gouna

Abu tig Marina

El Gouna’s first marina, Abu Tig is in a league of its own among Red Sea marinas both for the high standard of services it provides as well as for its matchless backdrop: a harbor town that is not only architecturally praiseworthy but also offers El Gouna’s most exclusive shopping and dining. A number of […]